Nate Padgett and Chris Rill go hands-on exploring the world of hardware startups. Each month they interview founders, early team members, and industry leaders to uncover the secrets behind building successful products. From the best practices of product design, to the ins and outs of manufacturing, they leave no stone unturned in their mission to help budding entrepreneurs succeed. Join them on their journey and get the inside scoop on all the exciting and innovative developments in the hardware startup world.

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T-24-001 : Haytham Elhawary - Transitioning from Hardware to Insurance

In this first episode we speak with Haytham Elhawary. Haytham is a founder of Kinetic Insurance and has a PhD in Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering from the Imperial Co...

T-24-000 : Trailer

Trade-Offs explores the trials and tribulations of designing, building, and manufacturing hardware, and the people that make it. Each month, we sit down with founders,...

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